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More Colleges Will Use Common Application

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Columbia University has just become the last Ivy League school to join the Common Application. Columbia is one of 25 new members, including two popular public universities, the University of Michigan and University of Connecticut. These additions mean that 414 colleges will be using the Common Application this fall. A few prominent universities, including Georgetown, MIT and USC are resisting the trend and keeping their own applications.  In addition to saving students a lot of unnecessary work, the Common Application is easier for teachers and counselors, who only need to submit a recommendation one time.


California Students Applying Out of State

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

While the number of students graduating high school and going to college has peaked in many parts of the country, California is expected to see a 16 percent increase in the number of high school graduates heading for college by 2019. That means an additional 387,000 students. With the University of California and California State University suffering drastic funding cuts that have forced them to reduce enrollment, increase class sizes and cut programs, it’s not surprising that colleges around the country are successfully recruiting California students. As families worry about the increasing competition for admission as well as the decreasing educational quality at California’s public institutions, students are applying to out of state schools in record numbers.


Applications from California students are up 22 percent this year at University of Washington and 24 percent at Arizona State University. University of Virginia is reporting a 24 percent increase. My alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, saw a 22 percent increase in applications from California students. Nearby Swathmore received 16 percent more California applications this year, and at Colgate, applications from California students are up 15 percent.


I’m seeing this trend with my students, who have applied to more schools around the country than in previous years. Tuition may be higher than you would pay at UC or CSU, but some schools are offering generous scholarship and financial aid to lure students, and if you can be assured of graduating in four years, attending college outside of California can be a smart move.